Lots of Vegetarian BBQ (Tandoori)

A Vegetarian / Vegan BBQ feast, from Punjabi Indian Restaurant (PunjabiChina.com/findus). Minced Vegetable Kebabs, Potatoes stuffed with Cheese (can be made without), and BBQed fruits. Vegan marinade possible! Whatever said only meat eaters can BBQ !


素食主义者/素食烧烤盛宴,来自本杰比印度餐厅 (PunjabiChina.com/cn_findus)。蔬菜剁碎像烤羊肉串,土豆包裹着奶酪和BBQed水果。素食卤汁口味!无与伦比的美味,不只是肉食者能吃烧烤 !

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